Lil B - 3rd World Hustler (2013)

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Lil B - 3rd World Hustler lyrics

Ay man, I'mma' tell you why I'm thugged out
Ay yeah I got a crime fetish, says fuck these mutha'fuckas

[1st Verse]
Never been a busta'/
I don't fuck with them 'bustas/
That nine in ya' face pussy nigga I don't trust ya'/
This right to ya' melon like them boys in 7th Heaven/
I be gone in a second, gotta' load my Mac-11/
Ridin' through the streets with them boys packin' heat/
Niggas know it's Lil B, and they know I'm pretty creet/
Gotta' be wit' the shit, cause I roll one deep/
Bitch I'm MVP, cause I'm playin' for the Heat/
??? Military soldier, comin' from the sea/
H20 all day, man I'm comin' for the tree/
'N I might hit a 3, wit' a scope and the beam/
4 wheel motion, the till stay open/
My house stay open, he stay cockin'/
Make ya' head red like that boy Dennis Rodman/
He stay loaded, the beef got me focused/
Smack ya' on the street like them niggas out in Oakland/
I got phonk like - I'mma' tell you somthin' niggas/
A few suckas tried to check game - had to bust niggas/
Playin' wit' that ratchet, 'N I'm smokin' wit' that ratchet/
Talkin' 'bout the gun, 'N I ain't talkin' 'bout a bad bitch/
Bitch paid me cause she say I do magic/
Nigga play wit' me I had to burn em' like matches/
I do me, 'N I'm hustlin' no discussion/
Lotta' mutha'fuckas did-died over nothin'/