Like Yesterday - 7 Days (In L.A.) lyrics

Hey girl!
Tell me something.
Is this what you really,
Pictured it would be like?

You called me over.
You must want something.
So then tell me
Why are you
Driving with both windows closed?
Choking on your cigarette stained lips made me see that i...

Want it to feel real
Want it to feel good
Want it to be dangerous but true
I wanted everything but most of all
I wanted it to be you!

So try to
Try to see things my way.
So you can get inside of my head
And see how messed up
The situation is.

Cuz i was ready to fall.
I was ready to cry.
I was ready to put aside
All my jaded notions of you,
For just only one night.

And now you've gone and rained on a
Perfect day, now haven't you?


Thank you, Thank you.....
For making me see that you were nothing that i need!


I wanted it to
I wanted it to be, my everything
7 Days In You !!!