Like A Memory It Fades - My Words Like Silent Raindrops Fell lyrics

Hear this, this is the sound of me breaking everything we once had. Feel this, the sharpest knife puncturing everything to remember.
Wither me away like the last leaf from the tree that i lay my sorrow beneath.
In the winter of never-ending days that make you wish for it all to decease.
Curl up on the bed of a thousand ways to end it all.
The rain once fallen on the days of the life i once had.
Still Stings me with the thought of consequence for all my wrong doings. What has been done is over and i must never look back with a grin.
I brought this upon myself; my calloused fingertips above the incision on a wrist that has been let down so many times before, but this time failing is no way out.
I keep tryin to hint to myself that every love is a lie. For what you have done, i bear the sorrow and the grief, now I'll make you feel it with me.
So many times I've let you slide, now you shall never know what it's like to love again.
This axe has your name written in blood on the sharpest blade already...