Lightspeed Champion - Devil Tricks For A Bitch lyrics

I'm gonna asume that my phone is broken
Delivery reports have ruined my life
Half a bowl of cereal's left me choking
Choking on time

My guitar is on the floor
I think I'll leave it there where it belongs
But i know if i get out of bed
i will trip on her neck
and the comfort of hitting the floor
grows closer

naked bones and fragile
open up the good times
and swing at my head
shatter my bones and leave me in a mess
i will hang myself in the strings

i think i'm gonna stay in today
before something really bad happens
i feel the nigger eyes they're staring
makes me want to rip off my skin

sketchy motherfucker
take me to the great heights
pull me by my neck
to the highter levels
you have your back up
and i have mine
i'm sorry i ignored you
why won't you help me
why won't you do the work for me