Lightning Dust - I Knew lyrics

Was it true that he had hard hands
Always pictured him hungry with a gun in his hands
Dirty boots and a steel frame
Will make it easy for the devil to stay home in the rain

I woke up to my favorite song
A song about heaven and where we went wrong
They carry me into the night
Till you ? took the love of my life

And I knew
I knew lov-lovee
And I knew
I knew lov-lovee

But I never ever thought that I'd need someone like you
Your spirit ? you were something new
And your eyes then you knew they cleared the dust from my brain
Heading down the highway doin' a 110

And I hope that this is the good in me
Just take ? your destiny
? sweet sweet sound
The one I want to be around

And I knew
I knew lov-love
And I knew
I knew lov-love

Make it real and take off into dust
Don't look back and turn it into diamonds

And I knew
I knew love