Lightforce - Metal Missionary lyrics

You got saved last year but your pastor says you wear your hair
Lookin' like the world you left
Take off the acid jeans put on something nice and neat
You can't look like the street you love

But I can see a different way it matters only how you pray
Not the way you look or dress
If you're right with Jesus Christ, into heavy metal styles
Then go back to the scene and share

Become a metal missionary, lookin' like Jesus did
Metal missionary, love the people Jesus said
Go into the world of sinners, and see them won
Metal missionary, relate the way you are
Metal missionary
Metal missionary
Metal missionary
Metal missionary

They know a change has taken place,
Not in your dress but in your face,
The window to your soul is shining bright
The difference is so very clear, smoke and drugs and hate and fear
Are nowhere to be found within your ways
They will want the peace you have,
Go and join the rebel gangs
Win them for the Lord you love
Together we will plunder hell, bands and groups and rebel gangs
All because we want to be


You got mocked last week for sharing at a metal gig
Someone almost punched you out
But suffer for Christ
You'll see the population rise of Heaven
with the souls you've lead
Go into all the world, the darkest corners
Will have heard that Christ has died to save their soul
The more that go the more will hear,
We'll see them on the narrow road