Light Bearer - Matriarch lyrics

Bellow taunting winds, parched throats retort.
The febrile flocks ebb ever forward.
Sand parts to mark their passing,
they lift their hands from the earth.

This defining osteo impasse
to ascend from quadruped.
Of all life the onus lies in her lap,
no rhyme or reason, malleable spines forgiving.

Triumphant, the weight of all,
consequential, the penny drops.
Branches partition,
lineage ingrained,
womb significant.

She the worth of the multitude,
transitions of our assembly.
Visceral wires in sinew flare
delicately hew thoughts ascent.

Submerged in clay
feet earned competence.
Pathways through contours,
encephalic routes.

Crow lines tell stories,
every scar hides a tale
we foster our reverie
with weathered tenacity.

Within this mind, I find my ward, bearer of the sword

These whims carry, these whims noticed.
This mind it threatens purpose,
time gathers impetus,
this mind must obey

I hear this mind burgeon,
I feel his grip tighten.
My words are a salve,
I fathom its rhythm.
I challenge his hymn