Lifter Puller - The Bears lyrics

Thereafter we'll refer to this as the fouth and fourteenth incident
Immortalized in microfiche, barcoded documents
Saw you sweating on the corner you were sucking off a soda
Sticky summer in the bario, didn't really think that he could be a romeo
His friends busted in screamin rodeo

Thereafter we'll refer to this as the last time you attempt to kiss
Some fairy bear you've barely met, put your lips on his leather vest
The mechanical bull is rubbing right though the wool of your pantleg
The linedance starts, it pounds long with your heart and you're stranded
His roommates came out, they came from under the couch and they jumped in

I laid down with the lions but they're way too lame
I went down on the tigers but they're way too tame
I know that you're scared, but i suggest you go back to the bears
Your kisses taste just like skoal bandits
You're minty fresh and fucking gorgeous