Lifter Puller - Lake Street Is For Lovers lyrics

(yes yes y'all)
Standin on the corner makin eyes at the commuters makin eyes
(yes yes y'all)
Livin on a barstool and lyin to the barflies tellin lies
(alright alright)
Your arms look just like speaker cords you crawled out of the pager store
(smokin weed and makin money)
Your eyes they look like open sores you made love to the jersey shore
(livin large livin large)
These bathroom stalls they're speakin volumes on your ethical slips
(alright alright, lifter puller)
Matriculated new haven and bridgeport's when you're turnin all your tricks
(smokin weed and makin money)
The swindles and the bindles are keepin you from sleepin
(yes yes y'all)
Tattoo mags and the sandwich bags and now you've lost your feeling