Liberty 37 - Revolution lyrics

It's about that time, let's see your money.
Show me when you're having fun.
Time and tide will wait for no one, like ideas whose time has come.
No choice but to believe.
I feel on top of the world ma, it's everything I ever wanted to be.
Ideas have legs, they run for purpose changing history at a stroke.
If you're going out question what it is they're shoveling down your throat. Sing revolution.
You wanted to be sixteen, seventeen, you went to sleep in 1979.
Woke up, you're not achieving anything.
Take what you want.
It's not about hunted to hunter, get your guns away from me.
All you've got is you, get busy being all the things you want to be.
So just stop following.
I feel on top of the world ma.
This is more than ideology.
Sing revolution. Revolution.