Liam Finn - Snug As Fuck (2014)

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Liam Finn - Snug As Fuck lyrics

When you hunt me up
And my heart dried out
Just like the flu
On a windowsill
I'm taking us back to the city
And your mind don't know
I can hear her cry
Was it something I did
In a past life
But you can't compare it to the sister
I was the leader of a pack
But now I hollow in?
I've done what you will never do
Look away?
cause I'm a hopeless sack
And I'm sleeping in the wilderness
With my feet by the fire
You know, you know, you know
I'm snug as fuck
And someday soon
Like I'm all wrapped up
In the innocence
Won't you get it over so quickly
I have a habit of attack
To smell the?
This the type of a girl you would fight for
I've seen what you will never see
Doesn't make me careful
I've done what you will never do
Look away if I fool