Leverage - Run Down lyrics

The wind's blowing ashes
The sky's filled with dust
Too scared to run
But God knows we must

Missed our last ride to a safe haven

Caught in a landslide
Of molten crust
Preachers of wisdom
Victims of trust

Some are cryin', some are praying

Run down the hill
Like never before
Mind your footsteps
Fly, don't fall
The ground is shaking
The earth is breathing fire

Oh Holy Maria
What have we done
Leaning the wrong way
The hill's going down

Trading places, Hell and Heaven

Run down the hill
Stumble, be gone
The devil's laughing above us all
Twisting, breaking
The earth is breathing fire

Run down the hill (3x)
Just run it down
Run it down
Just run it down
Run down the hill