Let's Active - Room With A View lyrics

Love through prisms, life through craft
break it down to competing parts and broken hearts
oh no, start again

Wake up walking in fields of glass
it breaks with each step, see where you were
but don't disturb- no way to get back there

This is a room with a view see everything for what it is
we want to do what we want forever
I wish I was invisible

Picture windows against a wall
it's contradiction, say nothing's wrong
we go along, you know you're something else

Broken records, the tune's still there
one revolution hides all the rest
the part that's best never playing now


The sound reflects and tries again
answers itself 'til it echoes on
unheard alone, too much that covers up

See this picture from far away
Leave out the details, it's all still there
but we don't care too much about the rest