Les Dudek - Take The Time lyrics


You better take the time
You better take the time out baby right now

If you took the time
I'm sure you'd plainly see
That all and all I'm not the man you thought that I would be
'Cause honey I get seasick swimmin' in your dreams
And your breath in the mornin'
Is making me claw the screens

Time out baby, 'cause you're dragging me
Take the time
Time out baby 'cause you don't act naturally
You better take the time

Well I ain't got not one cent
All my bucks went to the rent
Living night to night
Been escapin' the sun
When I'm with you I get queasy
Livin' with you sure ain't easy
You seem to be havin' all of the fun
So if you took the time
I'm sure you would agree
That you were not the woman
That God had planned for me
I can't stand your lipstick
You cat's making me sneeze
And those roller's got to go
So give me back my keys