Les Dudek - Lady, You're Nasty lyrics


1st verse
Oh lady take that eye off of me
'Cause I'm not half as dumb as I might seem
I been through your kind of woman
To last me a while
You see I know those reasons
Behind that smile
And those female persuasions
Advancin' on my situation
Your love you know I want it
But I can't stand the way you flaunt it
It's obvious you picked out your fool
Been cheatin' on the cardinal rules
Strip a man of his beliefs
Leave a soul full of grief
Y'know something lady
Lady you're nasty
Lady you're nasty

(solo section)
2nd verse Oh lady listen you're just no good
You make a mess of things
Like you think you should
You're just a teasin' sleazin' girl with no reason
Hundred dollar bundle of joy
Both thumbs down when you hit town
Trick or treatin' the boys (chorus section)
And it ain't no secret Y'know with all that war paint on
You're liable to start a fight someplace
Or get a lead role in a monster movie
With that kinda face
Ha ha