Les Claypool - Amanitas lyrics

When Amanitas came
He could not abstain
And he took a juicy bite
He found that he could see
The forest beyond the trees
And she squeezed his head real tight
He knew he'd changed his luck
Paid a buck for corn and cluck
But something just wasn't right
Somethin' didn't feel quite right

I can feel your poison
I can feel your poison

When Amanitas came
It left his brain
Feelin' a tad bit sour
When the pompous ones arrived
He was barely alive
She'd sucked him dry of all his power
Now if you're feeling bold
Don't say that you've not been told
She'll knock the ivory off your tower
And then she'll glower

I can feel your poison
I can feel your poison

Now with your trousers full of spores
You get down on all fours
To search the ground like hungry oxen
'Cause to fearless fungus friends
Your kinship has no end
Till they pump you full of toxin, toxin