Leonard Friend - Serious Music lyrics (Chinese translation). | I just take to me disappointing 
, Tell me that i won’t be tonight 
, In weekend .. but so often...
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Leonard Friend - Serious Music (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I just take to me disappointing
ZH: 我只是带给我令人失望

EN: Tell me that i won’t be tonight
ZH: 告诉我我今晚不会

EN: In weekend .. but so often
ZH: 在周末...但经常

EN: If this one’s is on a Tuesday I’ll give it a try
ZH: 如果这个人是在星期二给它试一试

EN: If i come and .. let’s .. I’m here alone so oho
ZH: 如果我来和...让我们...我在这里一个人所以哦

EN: Give me a sign, dance shouldn’t’ lie
ZH: 给我一个手势,跳舞...我不该 ' 谎言

EN: Keep the quiet oho oh call it ..
ZH: 保持安静哦哦叫它...

EN: Chorus:
ZH: 合唱:

EN: Here’ s the remain of the night
ZH: 在这里 ' s 的夜晚仍

EN: If you think i like vision and maybe ..
ZH: 如果你觉得视觉和也许...

EN: But if you think I’m some kind of joke
ZH: 但如果你认为我的笑话

EN: Am i lose it
ZH: 我失去了它

EN: You see ..about me if i make serious music
ZH: 你看看...关于我如果我让严肃音乐

EN: I’ve got ..for something special
ZH: 我有...为特别的东西

EN: Gone mixed up as it seem
ZH: 走了混合起来,因为现在看来

EN: But desperate why we still young
ZH: 但绝望...你为什么我们仍然年轻

EN: We pine away for 993
ZH: 我们离开松为 993

EN: If i come and ..ask you why
ZH: 如果我来和...问你为什么

EN: ‘cause I’m here alone
ZH: 因为在这里孤身一人

EN: So oh, give me a sign
ZH: 所以哦,给我一个手势

EN: Dance with should lie
ZH: 跳舞...你应该说谎

EN: Keep the quiet oho
ZH: 保持安静哦

EN: Just for this time
ZH: 只为这一次

EN: And i make my presents known but i should run
ZH: 我做我的礼物已知但我应该运行

EN: Just give me a moment
ZH: 只是给我一点时间

EN: And this flows play .. as a motion
ZH: 这流动戏剧...作为一项议案

EN: My head is up maybe I’m wrong but i think
ZH: 我的头了也许是我错了,但我觉得

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: ..
ZH: ..

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]