Leon Russell - Dixie Lullaby lyrics

Gather round me people, got a song to sing
'Bout that sweet magnolia thyme
Black-eyed Susan made some catfish stew
And papa brought some homemade wine

All the southern children like to rock'n roll
The TV mamas tell you why
They got it on the boat from Africa
It's a dixie lullaby.

Well, Blind Willie Time he had a dime shoe shine
Stand down on Beale Street
And Willie would stop and say say hello
All the shoes he'd meet

"Why are you so happy?" said the clean white buck
"You got no reason to be happy Mr. Time"
And Willie just smiled and Willie popped his rag
And sang a dixie lullaby

Now you heard the story of my southern home
With a honeysuckle wine
And any time you think that you might come yourself
You ought to keep this thought in mind

All you easy riders better watch your step
If you're walkin' down below the line
That Louisiana man is gonna get you yet
With his dixie lullaby
He's got a dixie lullaby
Oh, it's a dixie lullaby