Leo Gallo - Bad Girl (2011)

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Leo Gallo - Bad Girl lyrics

The way she working on that lollipop
Got me on ..that is the .. f*cking she gets the more i gotta have it
She’s got that look up in her eyes like she’s ask for me tonight
She’s so nasty yeah

Pre chorus:
And she knows the love that we should take control
Love the way she feels all voer me
When she’s making love to me
When she get out of that lingerie
She ..anything anything
She know i gotta

I’ve got a bad girl, isn’t all over me
Working that bone for me
Droppin it low for me
I’ve got a bad girl, she ..
She’s like a model for
Poppin ..she know
I’ve got a bad girl, i’ve got a bad girl
I’ve got a bad girl, i’ve got a bad girl

The way she kissing over neck happen stags stags
..straight to the .. lay it on until she call me daddy
I know she loves me up inside the way she get on top and ride
She’s so nasty yeah

[Pre Chorus:]