Lennie Moreno - Misery lyrics

I'm telling u it's no joke, u wake up in the morning wearing the same damn shirt,
You make yo way to school while u talking to the dirt, u barely hold yo bag,
U sick n tired of people laughing up while the fundz of other kids is stacking up,
I'm cracking up, I really wanna cry,
I always fail the course, I gotta make the test while my parents get divorced,
It's not my fault I really wanted something else for me, I see, I know that I was cursed,
I'm very much aware that I'm really not the first
And certainly not the worst,
Why did I see my mom walking all the way to work,
12 hours a day and it's never quite enough, this lifestyle, I guess it's really tough,
Especially when I was bussin up, I'm sorry mom I cause you all this stress,
More or less I'm gonna get you with a dress
I promise u I'll make it; rapping, working or back on the street I swear I'll take it...

Day and night, it feels I'm meant to be...
How long will it take for me to make it outta misery,
I'm sick of being broke with all these people dissing me, I guess my destiny is...
Bound and chained to a life of misery...
I can't escape the fact, I'm jacked
My pain inside will never be intact, in fact, I think I'm gonna crack,
And die in misery...

Days are passing by, now I'm running with the thugs, they always showed me love,
Some dropped outta school cuz we all a bunch of educated fools,
We think we know it all,
I was about 14 but I didn't know the rules,
The only thing united us was money-lacking.
Mama told me: to do what I got to do cuz life's a bitch.
I made a robbery and I came back with the cuffs,
This shit is rough and rugged so I turned out with the puffs.
I think that poverty is the worst thing you can have.
No matter what they say you know it's all about the cash.
You're using all yo health to get a little bit of dough and then you spend it all to put you back in pieces:
Most of us deprive,
Of everything so we gotta use the tools that we were given to survive,
But all of it beside: everybody zgotta great heart if you take it from the start.
It's all about the way we play our cards...


Years gone by…this life is still a muthafucking joke,
And I don't see no mothafucking hope: I'm muthafucking broke:
My criminal record is going up,
The land of opportunity is flushed down the drain,
I'm stuck up in this game,
Growing up without a nickel is a fucking shame,
The wound is internal and the bleeding is eternal,
It's really like I'm never gonna see the end of the tunnel, and the streets are infernal,
I really did the best I could to make it right,
Walking all alone in the middle of the night.
I gotta do the best with what I own, and even though I'm grown,
I gotta scan and focus in my zone.
And I don't wanna deal...
Every time I think about it, I get the fucking chills,
Cuz you can start with weed and you finish with the pills,
If you don't pay on time, it can end up with a kill,
No matter what you really gotta feel it


Day and night, it feels I'm meant to be...
Bound and chained to a life of misery...