Lena Philipsson - Only You (Can Move Me Like You Do) lyrics

You smile and I'm lost forever
I drown in your eyes
Only the love
In me survives
You kisses are soft
And gentle - They -
Rain on my soul
All my senses fly away
Everytime I hear you say

Only You
Can move me like you do
Only You
Can take my heart
- And break it -
Only You
Can make me feel brand new
Nobody else can love me like you do

They say we belong together
It's easy to see
The light in you
Shines bright on me
We sgare every precious moment
You're always there
If I stumble and I fall
You come running when I call

Only You - Can move me like

Loving you
Is such a sweet and tender feeling
I'm so glad you came along
Loving you
Has made me realize
The greatest price of all
Is in your arms

Only You - Can move me like