Lemur - The Birth Of An Angel lyrics

Once upon this winter day
A near twice decade ago
Angels of Creation
Had weav'd perfection so

From the mists of sea
To the sunshine glow
They wove and made
Beauty amid the snow

From the elements
The Angels did form
The lady of thought;
The ocean and storm

From the Earth
They took the stone
To give her form and strength;
Power of the earthen tone

From the Oceans
They took water flow
To sprinkle in her eyes;
Her beauty forever so

From the Skies
They took wind and cloud
To give her vitality and voice
Laughter of the thunder loud

From the Sun
They stole the fire and light
To have her personality so
Vivacious with might

And with the completion here
They brought her life
But seeing her as whole
Angered them in jealous strife