Lemon Demon - Holy Bison Beaks! lyrics

Well, I thought I'd write a little song,
so I wrote a little song.
Then I tried to write some lyrics,
But I didn't last too long.
So I figured, why not sing about me
Trying to write a song and stuff.
And I decided to keep on singing
‘til I had had enough, but then I realized…

This song needs a hook.
An ironic little,
Catchy freakin' hook.
So I made the chorus
All about how
This song needs a hook.
An ironic little,
Self-refrential hook.
And a guitar solo.

[Adequate guitar solo]

Whoops, hang on, I have to tune this… okay.

[Awesome MIDI guitar solo]

Ugh, stop that. All right, uh…
Oh, I know, let's do the, um, the bridge. Bri— yeah, bridge. Okay?
Okay? Anyone? Hello?
(music starts)

Baby, tell me why,
Why do they call it a bridge anyhow?
You cannot walk on it,
It doesn't have a guard rail,
It doesn't even hold many cows.

This song is sort of caving in on itself,
And so it's going to end right now.
Right now.