Legendary Pink Dots - Tower Two lyrics

Monkey see. Monkey do. Monkey's got no point of view. Captain points
and he points too. Clever monkey! Monkey's got to know his place.
No future in the 'master race'. Monkey spat in captain's face - they
cut his tongue out. Threw it to a doberman named Rover. He can eat a
man in 20 seconds flat - prefers a cat. In the courtyard shuffled
deviants with gold stars, they're scarred with numbers, as guards
raise their cards. It's 6.2, 6.7... Under five and in the corner for
a session in the sauna. Naked, being born again - they're sliding
down the chute. And the garden's looking fine. There's lots of
water, lots of lime and captain spends most of his time in the
deckchair. And there's weeping in the queue, and Lady Gwyneth's
weeping too - sickened, yet she voted blue. She knows it. And night
patrols are doing rounds. Now there's Tower complex, Tower Town.
Population's going down, but we're great again...