Legendary Pink Dots - Defeated lyrics

Crazy Carrie pulled the blinds and fed the lions and read the lines that skipped across the page and sent her dizzy, dozy. Does she care? Does he? The answer's 'NO!' It's always 'NO'. There's no escape, no secret doors. There's nowhere she can hide. No way. You're finished, fated, defeated. She stumbled through the cafe doors, down on all fours to loud applause - ordered a meat mandrax + a belladonna squash to quash the pain. There's a difference at Madonna's that will carry you away. It carried her away, it made her day, they pumped her dry; they wiped her eyes. She just survived and she can prove it with her bracelet. At least the money wasn't wasted. Not wasted. But she's defeated. Still defeated. Nowhere to hide. Still defeated.