Legend Maker - Skies Of Scorpio Part Ii: Age Of Battle lyrics

Part I : Sons of the moon
Through the dark we see
A vision of faith that clears our mind
And let us breath through this hate
For the paths we take
Are the signs that lead us
To glorious victory
Send out a sign and show us the way
Night has fallen in our mystic glen
Reign of the moon, serpents of black
The seasons of darkness is now a fact

Power to me
the will of my sword
The battle is soon to begin
and we must head down the road that leads us
So far into where dark dwells
The fight begins... and we must be brave

Part II : Age of Battle
My eyes see hate, My heart feels not
The day is gray, and the blood has come
Make the sacrifice and the battle is here
Prepare the throne cause the old king is dead
Hear me when I curse your name
When I scream to the skies
Lord of Scorpio, you shall kneel
And feel my steel
My kingdom is one again
The war is now ceased
And skies belong to me
The dark is back to its own hell
But it will return
And so will my sword