Leftover Crack - Life Is Pain lyrics

Fuck like bunnies, breed like rats
We're shittin' out the babies, and I'm telling you that that's
Mad against the better judgment in this human history
Take some time to think it over; it's not difficult to see

You can wait until you're older or you're in a better place
Just remember: there's no winner in this fucked-up human race
I know you might be searching for some meaning on this Earth
But don't be stabbing nature in the back by giving into birth

And you're too ugly, and I'm too fat
What kind of seed are we to spawn with genetic cards like that?
Addiction and depression are just swimming in my cum
And we're all weak and dumb

We're mostly runts and too high-strung
In nature, Mother eats the young
Who are we to breed?
Put away your seed
We can't evolve an iron lung

Too many people on the way
Our world gets smaller every day
As quantity grows, life quality goes
Our lives are sick and in decay