Left Boy - December 17th lyrics

They wanna mixtape alright
I´ve been working on this mixtape all night
I´ve been working on this sound for my whole my life
just to get it where it is so it sounds tight

and the time´s right
but they don´t care
cuz I got a record deal - nowhere
I know where
the rainbow went
there´s a pot of gold there but it ain´t my friend
cuz daddy´s givin` me all the money I need
and I´m spendin´it on ? sellin´weed
and how the fuck are you gonna succeed
I´ll figure it out
don´t worry ´bout me
I´m not another hummingbird on a tree
I´m just a fly kid
that would shit on you
and I split six sixteen bars
while I´m sittin´on the moon and lookin´at the stars

on december 17th in 1988
I came into this world with a purpose
make no mistake
I wont stop ´till I break
when I drop what I do
with a wee of black fate

I´m in a bad state but I´m comin`back quick
cuz tonight I´mma roll with a really bad chick the
pants are tight but the packets are thick
I´mma call it a night cuz I´m sick