Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC's - Can't Run

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Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC's - Can't Run lyrics

You can't run, you can't hide, there's no need for me to try, you don't know when or how He's coming, you just can't get by.

Verse 1
Oh, devil is like the policeman, traveling through the land, he's serving a death notice, to every woman and man, you're gonna need a lawyer, if I were you thats the next thing I'll do, just as sure you are sitting here tonight one day he's got a warrant for, but you know what.



( One more thing) Jesus is a lawyer, one that never lost a case, if I were you i'll get lawyer Jesus, I wouldn't wait i'' make haste, this is something you can't get around, no matter what you do, just as sure as you can hear my voice tonight, one day he's got a warrant for you, but you know what...


Verse 3

( one more thang you see) He'll take the baby from it's mother's breast, He'll take the rich man and every body else, take mothers, daughters father and son, sometimes he want stop until he got that last one ( but you)


Cant run, can't hide(repeat)