Lee Brice - More Than A Memory lyrics

People say she's only in my head
I'm gonna take time but I'll forget
Say I need to get on with my life
What they don't realize is when

You're dialing six numbers just to hang up the phone
Drivin' across town just to see if she's home
Wakin' a friend in the dead of the night
Just to hear him say it'll be all right

When you find things to not fall asleep
'Cause you know she'll be there in your dreams
That's when she's more than a memory

Took a match to everything she ever wrote
Watched every word go up in smoke
Tore all her pictures off the wall
That ain't helpin' me at all

'Cause when you're talkin' out loud to nothing but air
You look like hell and you just don't care
You're drinking more than you ever drank
Sinking down lower than you've ever sank

When you find yourself fallin' on your knees
Shakin' your fist and beggin' please
That's when she's more than a memory
Yeah, woho, hmm, she's more, she's more

People say she's only in my head
Going to time but I'll forget

But when she's in every minute of everyday
Every thought I think, every breath I take
She's everywhere and she's everything
She's more than a memory