Leæther Strip - The Shame Of A Nation lyrics

The shame of a nation
In my dreams I see a land
Ruined by religious hands
People take their own lives
Holy men tell Eden's lies

The shame of a nation
Paradise will never come
Looking at the loaded gun
Armoured leaders hid in shame
Is it really worth the pain

The shame of a nation
Do they fear democracy?
Like we fear hypocrisy
Will they stay the slaves of hate
Or will the weapons seal their fate

The shame of a nation
Streets are sprayed with body parts
Wounded men an burning cars
Do we hear the innocent
Crying out in pure contempt

The shame of a nation
The coalition of hatred
Will leave a path of fear
My Shame is hard to live with
The judgement day is near

Evacuate or die
The Shame of a nation
Never trust a man with oil on his mind
And blood on his hands