Leæther Strip - Die-Die-Die lyrics

Prisoners are waiting for the final shock
Feeling like a change my with the tear block
The prison got last when he drops the curtain
I don't know how that feels
When you down on the knees

If you can't give life to a dead man
You can't take life from an other man
The judges delightful with who can decide
If you got money you live or you don't you die
You got the right to sentence a man to dead
When you despite the oppression of human rights
Take time to think what you really do
The only one who can take life is God not you
Not you

You got the right to remain silence
Anything you say can be used against you

Yes, against you

Die, Die
Now you die
Now you die
Don't, don't kill them
Die, Die, Die

They look like you been dead on a death roll
Behind bars with just no where to go
You can see the pain beneath the tough
Everyone can see that this is much enough, enough