Layzie Bone - New Life lyrics (Chinese translation). | It's a new life
, It's a new life a whole new beginning (x2)
, Take a look around tell me what...
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Layzie Bone - New Life (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: It's a new life
ZH: 它是新的生活

EN: It's a new life a whole new beginning (x2)
ZH: 这是整个新的开端 (2) 的新生活

EN: Take a look around tell me what you see
ZH: 看看左右告诉我你看到了什么

EN: I see to many people in the ghetto living in poverty
ZH: 我看到很多人生活在贫困中的犹太人

EN: All these broken spirits, no shoulders that they lean on
ZH: 所有这些破碎的精神,没有他们相互依靠的肩膀

EN: The surface is to slippery to grab a hold and cling on
ZH: 表面是到滑要紧紧抓住和坚持

EN: Searching for a victory i'm trying to keep my dream going
ZH: 寻找我想坚持我的梦想会胜利

EN: We need inspiration let this be the key ?
ZH: 我们需要的灵感让这一点成为关键吗?

EN: You can concur anything that you put your mind to
ZH: 你可以同意你把心放的东西

EN: we're all born beautiful with limited potential
ZH: 我们都出生于美丽与有限的潜力

EN: invincible with principles stacking up credentials
ZH: 东方不败与堆积的凭据的原则

EN: I wake up every morning with my ? and my ?
ZH: 我每天早上醒来与我吗?和我吗?

EN: If I say that imma do it I do it stalling is absurd
ZH: 如果我说那风雨做它做失速是荒谬

EN: [Chorus] x2
ZH: [合唱] x 2

EN: It's a new life a whole new beginning a brand new day and I'm coming out winning
ZH: 这是整个新开始崭新的一天新生活,我就出来赢

EN: Nay sayers may say I can't do it but I push through it I know to many people that blew it
ZH: Nay 塞耶斯可能说我做不到,但通过它我知道推向炸了它的很多人

EN: They say it's cause and effect
ZH: 他们说它的原因及影响

EN: You do the job you get a check
ZH: 你做这份工作你拿支票

EN: Work your muscles to the bone and look good when you flex
ZH: 工作到骨骼肌肉,看起来不错,当你的弹性

EN: Put that chain on yo neck
ZH: 把那链子哟脖子

EN: Learn about money go invest
ZH: 了解有关的钱去投资

EN: Your only game when you sweat
ZH: 你唯一的游戏当你流汗的时候

EN: Knock that pain out your chest
ZH: 这种痛苦击倒你的胸部

EN: The other games be a threat
ZH: 其他游戏是一种威胁

EN: My in-frame to collect
ZH: 我在帧来收集

EN: Times change get respect
ZH: 时代的变化才能得到尊重

EN: So whatever happens next
ZH: 所以不管发生什么事

EN: You'll be ready for whatever, Ready to ride for whatever
ZH: 你马上就可以不管是什么,已准备好为不管骑

EN: Whoever, Whenever, Whatever, It gets better
ZH: 不管是谁,无论何时,不管,它获取更好

EN: The Lord don't test you to see if you can handle what your asking for
ZH: 主不测试你看是否你可以处理什么你问为

EN: Do it right and you can have some more
ZH: 正确,你可以有更多

EN: True to life keep mashing forward
ZH: 真实的生活保持向前糖化

EN: Like you got a passion for it
ZH: 就像你让它的激情

EN: Life's an adventure just get out and explore
ZH: 生命的冒险只是出去和探索

EN: [Chorus] x2
ZH: [合唱] x 2

EN: It's all about the focus factor, Layzie Bone be zonin
ZH: 都是重点因素,将 zonin Layzie 骨

EN: 6 Million people on earth now who want it
ZH: 6 万人在地球上现在的人想要它

EN: I'm up before the sun rise
ZH: 我在太阳升起之前

EN: Plotting when I hit my feet
ZH: 密谋当我打我的脚

EN: First on the block for the cheese and the last to leave
ZH: 第一次上奶酪和最后一个离开的块

EN: Yea i'm staying motivated that shit is hard to do
ZH: 的我住动机大便很难做

EN: Hater want to see me fall and that what makes me follow through
ZH: 怀恨在心,想要见我落和是什么让我遵循

EN: Still got the heat up, ain't lookin for no trouble
ZH: 还是起得很热,不是不找任何麻烦

EN: Went in the trenches that I decent in and went to another level
ZH: 在沟里去了,我在体面和去了另一个层面

EN: ?
ZH: ?

EN: My hustle was something vicious
ZH: 我的喧嚣是邪恶的东西

EN: Brother and lovely sisters stay on point with your goals
ZH: 可爱的姐妹和弟弟留在点与您的目标

EN: Pay what you owe, better be saving your souls
ZH: 付你欠的最好能拯救你的灵魂

EN: [Chorus] x4
ZH: [合唱] x 4