Laymen Terms - Falling Down In A Basement lyrics

look on the times we've spent, all the memories that together we have shared. and not one of us feels great, but i know you know life isn't so fair. a chance to catch a flight away. far to the depths our sights are set so high. as we walk down this unkown road, with unmarked signs and forks that break, leading the way. i try to tell myself that everything's ok, with the last big turn you knew we would take. a chance to catch a flight away. damn, no words, just tears, falling down in a basement. i dont want to know (go), i dont want to see (leave), take away this pain. and now we walk away. while your tears just fall out of place. take away this pain, that always seems to stay, now that you're away. your heart. your drive. misplaced.