Laughing Colors - Someday We'll Fly lyrics

Sometimes I remember
When I was a child
Your eyes were blue and I was too
And our dreams were running wild
Now that's just a memory
A blister on my mind
Sad to say, but yesterday
I was killing time

Now I've taken a smile from the sun
But I'm left with just ash on my fingers
There is reason and then there is rhyme
I will shelter these gifts
'Cause they are all mine

Someday we'll fly to the moon
Unless we ask to meet our maker
Just a little too soon
Someday you and I will walk on the sky
I just hope we get there before we die

We can walk with our heads held high
In the seasons of anger and hate
We can shelter a thought that is pure
When we rest at the end of the day
I don't need all the tools of the greed
Not the gold or the Cadillac
I could sell my soul to the devil
But he'd want his money back