Latterman - For Someone So Easy Going, You Sure Do Wear Pants A Lot lyrics

stumbling on the words again.
trying to make it all sound positive.
but 40 miles heading south with the radio
preaching to me i shouldn't be happy with me.
well fuck you is all i have to say
because self-doubt can still hurt me today.
i'll live my life my fucking way.

with self-doubt in my heart in my way.
while my culture says i'm not ok.
i've spent too many days
with a smile on my face
to have not found an amazing place.
long island diy.
and despite our faults
we can build something amazing.
if we believe in ourselves.

and a good friend has said to me
he may still wish he's 15.
i told him to create his own circumstances.
yet i truly understand
we can't always make our lives
seem happy all the time.
just remember the strength is always there.

sometimes it's not all easy.
so let's take a step back.
question everything
and tell ourselves we'll make this ok.