Latex Generation - Closed Casket lyrics

Those memories,
Those memories,
They bring you back,
They bring you back,
Those memories.
It's the part that's in the middle of nowhere.
A closed casket with a terrible shine.
Standing on the edge looking down,
As I pick your feet up off the ground.
Holding your ears from the whispers and the shouts.
Only wanted to wash your hands,
From the dirt that lies beneath your skin.
All the tricks in the world can't save you now.
Crowded away because you couldn't see him,
You'll never see his hair turn gray.
Now looking you down,
You seem to see what he has found.
Just the good ones, just the memories.

(The whole thing is sang twice)

He got enough fail to prove.
You've got to fail to prove.
To fail to lose.
You've got your chance,
Your second chance.