Latex Coelacanth - Gordie Boy lyrics

Gordie boy ties the knot/Snap goes Gordie boy's neck/Stupid, dumb motherfucker/Always the ass of the line/Always a waste of time/Bring your shovel and your matchstick cross/Mr. Daniels waits in that pretty flask/piles of soil...stench of decomposing shit/smooth grain to flush out thy vein/Your skull my ashtray/Heaven must be a fountain of piss/Smooth to the taste/You can practically taste the semen/Oh yeah, Eyehategod a savior to all the saints: Johnny, Buckwheat and Scrouge/You can hear Gordie boy's weak heart thumping/Sounds like Gordie fucking his life against the cathedral's door/Oh yeah, sweet depravity and Electric Wizard's son...what the fuck have we done?/Shit on this/My eyes bleed anti-freeze/Behind me a trail of dead puppies/God damn it Gordie boy, what have you done?/I have lost the Lucky Strikes, I have lost sleep and I have lost virginity/And now Gordie boy, I have lost you/I wade deep in these pits of pine tar and bodily fluid/With my shovel I will exhume/Johnny says not to soon/I say doom/He can stick his shaft between his legs/And fuck his own cunt raw/Damn it Gordie boy/God fucking damn it/What have I done?/What have you done?/Come back Gordie boy/More nights of sweet pussy and meth-amphetamine await/Come back Gordie boy/More days of engine grease and black tar/Gordie Boy.