Last Tuesday - 1999 lyrics

Take take what you wanted
Take take everything
These things only distract me
While simple not easy
To live like I don't know everything
This is where we started

With a simple trust that
Makes everything else
Seem so far away and feel so

Tonight I sleep without concern
I can't be stopped
Take a running shot
Give it all you've got
You can't hold me back
Hold me down
It took some time now
But I am back for good

Wake up time to depend,
Time to see what you believe
When your luck seems to stop.

Will you run or will you choose
Your day?
CHANGE and never look back
FORGET and never regret
Your Words make sense
Cause I've dropped my defense
I've been to the bottom
I'm back, I'm here to stay

Your call burns inside of me
The impossible fire
Forever I'll stretch
Forever reach