Last Perfection - Collapse Into A Lifetime Of Easy Answers lyrics

I appreciate your well wishes and I know you meant the best, but all I need is for someone to genuinely listen. I don't need your groups; your meetings; your lifetime of easy answers. Not everything has a solution but still you try to force feed breeding a new kind of dependency relying on the pain of others to feel whole once again. Piece myself together with fragments of a broken life; all alone I walked away from your sharpened knife. Feeling me to suck my pain, loving me to keep you sane. Collapse into a lifetime of easy answers. Beating me over the head with your rhetoric. Deep seeded answers for all of life's little problems. Now you'll have a new addiction to false hopes and empty meaningless I love yous. Loving the fact that a solution is just out of reach. and you reach; you try; you fail; and you cry; all in the name of recovery from a lifetime of endless harsh realities.