Larry Joe Taylor - Wife Without Parloe lyrics

They were the Ken and Barbie of Kingsport, TN
Now they're more like the Bundys on that weird show on TV
Moonlight and diner and the finest French Champagne
Turned into daylight and dishes and that ol' ball and chain

She's doin' wife without parole 'cause she made one bad decision
Doin' hard time in the kitchen for the heart she stole
And the man her mother hated has her incarcerated
All her life doin' wife without parole

By her seventh load of laundry her mind begins to fold
The warden says his coffee is gettin' kinda cold
She traded in her freedom for a diamond and a wedding dress
A reverse Cinderella under house arrest


But she gets her hope from Oprah and she knows how Martha felt
And Dr. Phil says all those pills are just a cry for help


All her life doin' wife without parole