Larry Joe Taylor - It Just Don't Get Any Better Than This lyrics

The brush of your hand softly on my shoulder
On a warm springtime day
The way you whisper in my ears
The only words that you can say

The kids out playin hide 'n' seek
As the sun goes sinkin' down a bit
Might be where I'm standin'
But all I can think is this

Don't get no better than this
Don't you worry none about it
I got no reason to doubt it
It's just the way it is, my miss
If the world falls to pieces
And our trouble increases
As long as our love never ceases
It just don't get no better than this


The way that you look underneath the moonlight
Makes me loose track of time
When you turn your eyes my way
I swear I hear two hearts rhyme

We'll have Sunday with our friends
Pitchin' horseshoes and cookin' in a pit
That may not seem like much to some
But brother I'll say it is

Don't get no better than this
It feels so good I wanna shout it
Don't know how people live without it
Must be somethin' they get, and I miss
Through the crevices and creases
No matter what some he of she says
I love you 'til my soul releases
'Cause it just don't get no better than this

It will get different, nothin' stays the same
Two things are certain everything'll change
And baby it just don't get no better than this