Lappdog - Kenley 81 lyrics

If I swing would you duck? if I spit would you swallow? if I stood on the ledge and I jumped would you follow? if I looked into your eyes and I said you're a liar.if I called you the whore that you are and always will be. tell me, is it better now that im not around? that lost love you found and here comes my pain......fuck!!!!!!!!!! you know I only wanted you and just you and fuck the bullshit. because you were everything I had ever wanted in a person.. I never, I never could have done that. just because I lied that didn't make it alright. you know I tried, tried to sympathize. I stared into your eyes and I knew you had lied....fuck!!!!! do you think you are so much better?I wonder what face you will show today?you're words seemed so sincere.tell me are you happy??you know I stayed faithfull to my ways. the choice you made on the 24th day.killed me!!I dont know why I ever needed you so fuck you!!! you promised bullshit!!! how many times did you swear to god then go back on it. I never,I never could have done that and just because I lied..why does everything have to be so complacent?I hope you took a piece of me with you.I wished I could just erase it.from my memory, id live my life just to see you smile...... when you cringed to my touch when I said I was sorry. did I enter your mind when you laid down beside him? when I swallowed my pride were you laughing inside? when I called you the whore that you are and always will be.