Lam Rim - Perfunctory Exhibitionist lyrics

I think you're someone else whose trying to live a show.
Tell me I'm going mad,
I s'pose I must be getting old.
And if you want to go on
just know that I won't believe you.

I turn the camera round
so how's it make you feel?
Tell me you want to cry
as if you want to make it real.
You're gonna see no more
and I don't need it to go on.

I'm gonna love you baby;
I'm gonna give my soul
so please try to make it happen;
it doesn't take so long.
You'll see that you feel something there in your soul.

One day I'm gonna find you're trying to make a deal.
Tell me you're growing up
I guess I don't know how to feel.
But if you wanna go
just know that I won't release you.

Let's put this underground, it's time to get it clear.
Our pains won't slip away
or even try to disappear.
But, if you want it so,
you know that I can't resist you.

And if you're on the go for something you can feel
don't hang around and hope that I'm about to make it real.
And if you think that you can break a heart of steel
don't wait to fight the round if winning means you have a deal.
And if you wanna go just know that I won't release you, no.