Lam Rim - I'm Missing You lyrics

Can you feel that I'm loving you everyday?
Can you see this world?
I don't know even where you are
I hope you're hearing this song
Many times in my life I've cried
And you where there to release my sadness
Now I'm broken, I'm almost gone
'cos you are not here and I need your love
Love let me know
Please pick me, heal me, fill me with your loving
People say I will see you again
Should I believe in this?

Everyday in my life seems to be so strange
Since the day you're gone
I'm happy but I can not breathe as I did before
When you filled my world
Every night when I close my eyes
I see you looking at me
Something tells me you're feeling good
But I can't stop missing you at all
Lord let me know
Please pick me, heal me, fill me with your loving
I just want you to feel the same
Whenever I will meet your soul

I don't know where did you go baby
All I want is that you feel so good, yeah!
Will you know I'll love you forever?
Will you know you made me feel so good?
Everyday of my life
I'll miss your love

Leave this world
But don't forget that I love you
Leave this world
But never feel that you are alone
Leave this world
I don't want to retain you if you have to go
I miss your love
But now I know that someday I'll meet your soul
Doesn't matter where you go
And I'll be with you forever
I love you babe
I miss your love