Lady Saw - Me Hold You lyrics

Boy mi glad say me hold yuh use d p***y control yuh ,boy u give me d biggest hood me eva get inna my life, boy mi neva believe yuh when tell mih say mi woulda need yuh ,boy you give me d biigest hood mi eva get inna my life ,some mi name mi nah fear me take it pon d bed or d chair pop put mi hair mi nah care as long as the buddy nah share mi want ah man fi come drive me crazy mi nah want no boy who slow and lazy boy yuh good yuh make me feel it gih me 1 more time (chorus) d bed and the floor rock up bodoom boom boom wen yh set to d flor wen mih gih yh d pup pup mih rev it like ah bike mih hear zoo-zoo-zoom-zoom wen mi come fi dash out di pum pum di neighbour nex door dem hear wen di lion ah roar sweat ah rum and di juice start pour and me ah beg gih me more come more (chorus) me frenz been askin whats been happenin y all of ah sudden mih nah wah go shoppin me tell then say mih tired na dme need some nappin tru dem nah know say me hav nite lashin d neighbour next door dem hear wen d lion ah roar sweat ah run and d juice start pour me ah beg gimme more come more(chorus)