Lady Antebellum - Get To Me (Lyric Video) (2013)

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Lady Antebellum - Get To Me (Lyric Video) lyrics

The night is high
Got a full moon rising
And you know this is the time I get a little bit lonely
And I cant fight it, I cant hide it
I dont know where you are
But I want you just like lightning
Shooting straight out of the sky
Come and strike me with your light igniting
Yeah igniting

Gotta get to me, gotta get to me
You gotta spread your wings and start flying
Like a drop of rain, gotta find a way
Dont hit the brakes, just come and crash through my horizon
Bring back the air I need to breathe, baby
You gotta get to me

The bottle is empty
And Im dancing in the shadow of a memory
Yeah call me crazy
But I still got this school girls dream
Youre gonna show up and kiss me
Pull me in, hold me tight, love me and carry me away
Like theres no more tomorrows and no more yesterdays

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

And get to me, get to me, get to me yeah
You gotta get to me

The night is high, got a full moon rising