Lack - My First Death lyrics

Rain still falls. Kiss it goodbye. you'll be leaving soon. So this is how it ends. With a dead smile on our lips. Sorry. I never listened. Neither did you. But if I listen real close now I can hear by the tone of your voice that you've finally desecrated me...So this is my first death. The first time I really tried to die. Cut Achilles heel and hand me the rope, I'll be swinging from all the words I never got to say. Kiss it. we'll be dying soon. So this is how it ends. For me. for you. For us. Saw you waving goodbye...Cut the treads I was holding on to one by one. Kiss me kiss me. Kiss me kiss me before I see you waving goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Lovesongs and poetry spring well from sad hearts. Singing and screaming become therapy for the suffering artist.