La Veda - Whatever You Want lyrics

Whatever You Want

Here we go,...
When I say I love you..
It is not wrapped in conditionals of time and space,,of where and how often.
When those words utter from these lips of mine,..
Trust its strength and character..
Know its freedom and care,.
And rest in it's warmth,..

Whatever you want...
Whatever you need,
Whatever you want, I'll be there waiting,,
Whatever you want ,I'm anticipating..
Whatever you want,..

You never have to ask for anything,...
I will take care of your every need,..
Just take my hand, and I'll show you surprises,,,
The pleasure of my love is guaranteed,..

Whatever you want 
Whatever you need
Whatever you want
Whatever you need,..
Whatever you want
Whatever you need,..


Being permeated by your love,..
And its tumultuous consequences,,,
I falter,.unable at times to keep up with your passion,..
Stumble as I might,..I will..I will find you..
Oooo when you hold me,..
Adore me,,
Adore me in the petals of your  scented rose and myrrh..
And hold me closer 
So then I'll know.. 
The consistency of your heartbeat,..
And what binds us in the flesh..
Answer for me those curiosities..
With the,,,only you know.... are a naughty boy..
Do it 
Do it..Do it ,,Do it...
And I'll feel it way down deep inside,.
Cause you.
Cause you evoke certain feelings inside me,,,

In my house..
You better be yourself
In my house,..
You better free yourself..