La Veda - Eyes Don't Lie lyrics

(Eyes Don't Lie)

Mother used to tell me what to look for when a gentleman is calling,,,
She said that you can kind of trust him by the twinkle given in his eyes,, 
Daddy thought the same, but warned me,if he looks away, he's probably choking,,,
On his emotions, cause he has no true idea what he is feeling inside,..

Sometimes I know that you love me,,
Sometimes you turn and your run,,,
I get the feeling you what me,,,but love in the past has been tough,.(eyes don't lie)
You say I'm your future,,but then you stay out of touch,,(Eyes don't  lie) 
Take a stand and claim me boy,..cause this back and forth is much too much,.,,(eyes don't lie,,,)


My friends say I should stop and really give you some distance,,
To get a sense  what it is exactly in your mind you wanna do...
You hesitate, to walk away.
Then hesitate, don't wanna stay,,confusion..
This illusion really making my heart hurt,,it ain't no fun,..